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We have been through every hookup site imaginable, and have the cold hard facts to prove it.

These sites start to follow pretty predictable patterns, and we’ve analyzed them all so that you can have the best dating experience it’s possible for you to have.

Welcome to Hookup Online Tactics.com, where you can find answers to all of your questions about getting laid on hookup websites.

This site isn’t just a guide, it’s an advice mine and crib sheet to the world of online hookup dating, all to help you get laid.

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This is the kind of thing that can definitely affect whether you’re going to get laid or not, and can be the difference between hooking up weekly and hooking up never. A whole lot of the sites out there that claim to be for hookups are nothing more than scams.That means that more than half the women out there don’t necessarily not care, but they’re a lot more focused on some other aspect of your personality than they are with your looks.We guarantee that if you follow the rules in this site, you can get laid through hookup websites.We use a proprietary to test, evaluate, and rank hookup websites.We’re not biased—or at least, we weren’t before we started using these websites and figured out which ones were a hell of a lot better than all of the others.

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