Trophy wife and dating

So work on your posture and carriage and if necessary take the help of a professional.

After all as a trophy wife, you will be shown around and you are expected to live up to its requirements.

Also choose your venue according to where and with whom your interest lies.

If you’re looking for someone from the entertainment industry you could try making an appearance at a South Beach party frequented by hip-hop stars.

Develop the right bearing To catch the attention of a man who has seen it all, you must offer something more than just a pretty face and a nice body.

This means that you have to acquire sophistication, grace and poise so that all heads turn towards you when you walk into a room.

A trophy wife is regarded as a status symbol, something only the very rich and powerful can afford.Always look your best While some trophy wives are successful in their own careers, most obtain success only with their celebrity marriages.However the common factor for all trophy wives is that each one of them looks gorgeous.Or if Wall Street fat cats are more in your line, perhaps you should spend a happy hour in one of those select oyster clubs.It all depends on the kind of people you are looking for.

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