Transexual dating kansas

Hammond thinks of the trans voice as a whole new instrument.

"Someone who is born male and identifies as male, hits puberty, vocal chords lengthen and thicken, voice box grows, and there’s a space and resonator," she notes.

As a young child growing up in South Africa, Gillian Power sang in school and church choirs.

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"I can't believe how many people have gathered around this idea," she says.

For a transgender person, establishing their true identity is a considerable undertaking, fraught with perils," she says.

"Creating a space where those voices can emerge is profound on many levels." Those who are eager to hear this new instrument will have to be patient. Gillian Power, 43, knew as early as age 5 that she was not comfortable in her assigned gender.

As they went around the circle introducing themselves, there was a lot of talent in the room.

Several people had performed in or led church choirs.

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