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The deluge of technology means no matter where you go: on the street, in waiting rooms, on the train, at concerts — everyone is perpetually glued to their phones, and perpetually not looking up at you. The bright side is they’re probably swiping away on some dating app, which brings us to…Hooking Up, “talking,” polyamorous, non-monogamous, hanging out, seeing each other, sometimes dates girls, sometimes dates guys, asexual but likes to f*ck, hookups ONLY, sapiosexual but not a snob about it (whatever that means), bottom, top, etc.By the time you’ve gone through someone’s entire laundry list of identities and commitment preferences, you can’t help but wonder if this person is looking for a romantic partner or trying to fill out a census form.The startup culture out here is akin to frat life in college.Once you’ve been inducted, you’re showered with free beer, catered meals, and a tribe of rabid, like-minded colleagues.Matchmaking service the Dating Ring has even launched a crowdfunded campaign to send New York's single women to meet all of San Francisco's "eligible bachelors." At first, as women do, I internalized the problem ("the glasses are distracting"; "I'm going to the wrong places").It didn't help my ego that in January, Marie Claire pinpointed our fair city as one of the top five "great places for single girls." After attempting almost comical displays of "approachability" that have to be seen to be believed (trust me), I acknowledged the sobering truth: The courtship culture in San Francisco is not normal."I can't sit at a bar in Chicago or New York without a guy striking up a conversation with me, whereas in San Francisco, guys don't even look up from their laptops when I walk into a cafe," says Beth Cook, 34, a local business and life coach. "A lot of people are quick to blame tech, but that's oversimplification," counters Mc Gowan.

While other metropolitan cities have finance bros, accounting bros, and marketing bros, San Francisco is inundated with tech bros.

Which brings us to the first point…Welcome to San Francisco!

Where no one is from here and everyone is planning on leaving in two years if their startup doesn’t take off.

Meeting a native Bay Area dweller who actually plans on sticking it out to the bitter end is a rare feat (they all most likely moved to the East Bay).

You’ll meet people from all over the world on your dating escapades, but don’t get too close.

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