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The incorporation of South Sudanese women will allow for the creation of policies that would help prevent and protect individuals who are increasingly vulnerable to acts of sexual violence.

There is a need for women to be involved at all stages of the peace process.

The judiciary in South Sudan is institutionally weak and corrupt; alone it cannot adequately persecute the individuals responsible.

Therefore a multilateral collaboration between South Sudan and institutions such as the ICC, the U. and the African Union needs to take place to set up an impartial court that can investigate the atrocities committed by all fighting forces.

The level of devastation wrought upon the victims, their families, and their communities is blatant and irrefutable.

While this is prominent in many parts of the world, the use of sexual violence as weapon of war is especially perverse in South Sudan.

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In the face of a conflict that uses sexual violence as a means to subjugate, humiliate, and murder women and girls, this proves to be a grave problem for ensuring long-term peace for South Sudanese women.

It is recognized by the United Nations that mass acts of rape and sexual violence in conflict is a crime against humanity.

Leaders from the South Sudanese government and rebel opposition need to be held accountable for the deliberate use of sexual violence against civilians.

Their presence, skills, and various perspectives are essential in the state-building projects South Sudan will undergo after the violence has ceased.

These women should represent the several ethnic tribal communities that exist within South Sudan.

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