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Once campaigners get into the political network, they’re regularly attending the same rallies and conventions year after year, so it’s likely that people will run into their political fling again.“It’s sort of like camp, you’re sneaking into each other’s rooms, but you don’t just say goodbye at the end of the summer,” he says.But they were soon sent to different parts of the state.“I think we both eventually assumed it would end, but it didn’t,” Drew says.“Then we realized we actually loved each other and kept with it.We’ve been together for four-and-a-half years now.”Their long distance relationship had an extra stressor of hardship with not just long hours but also unpredictability and frequent travel.“I’m not sure it was hard to find love in a pressure-filled environment, but it is sure is hard to maintain it,” Drew says.Richard Santos, who has worked on various campaigns across the country and is working on a novel that features a campaign love story, says that campaign life lends itself to romantic entanglements.“I've seen people make some bad decisions because you get stuck in long, exhausting hours and the whole world has shrunk to one candidate and about 30 people,” he says.

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