Savage love online dating

Spineless men who, inevitably, descend to either self-righteousness judgment, a victim mentality or both.

These are the scumbags who think pretending to be a girl’s friend gives them some sort of priority ranking in her dating life – and then get mopey when she dates a “bad boy” (who is really just someone who is confident, assertive and willing to make the first move). They just want to be liked and accepted, like anyone.

It appears we have reached a cultural moment when we need "The Ten Dick Commandments." Dan chisels a few in the tablet.

Gather round the circle listeners, as Dan invokes the serenity prayer to council a woman who is being trolled by her neighbor's Wi Fi network name.

Men who, due to shyness, insecurity, or some misplaced ideology (think: masculine guilt) cower behind safe opinions, don’t stand-up for themselves and go out of their way to behave how they think people want them to behave.How can she reconcile with her husband and still get her camming rocks off?On the magnum, Dan brings back our regular guest, Erika Moen to go over a HEAVY sex toy you all should add to your arsenal.A woman offers proof that sexual harassment is about power. If your boyfriend wants you to help him to film women so he can scratch his voyeur itch, is there an ethical way to do this? On the Magnum, Jon Ronson, author of "The Psychopath Test" is on to talk about "bespoke pornography"... Her girlfriend wants her to talk dirty and tell her to shut up.One of her students, a gay man, sexually harasses her regularly. A fetish too far: A woman's boyfriend can only get off if they are doing play simulating kidnapping, bondage and human trafficking. Dan welcomes comedian Amy Miller to talk about the inadvisability of fucking comedians. A couple are dismayed that the condom keeps slipping off when they're doing it doggie style. Disability Awareness Consultant Adam Gurza, schools us all about dating folks with disabilities. Hear the sordid tale of the the woman who wants to call Child Protective Services on her own damn boyfriend. The worried father bemoans his child's fate living on the "margins of society." Dan issues a reality check and a rebuke. A man's girlfriend won't let him watch Game of Thrones due to all the violence against women. But our lesbian feels uncomfortable in their small apartment with thin walls. On the Magnum, how much fisting is too much fisting? If your Tinder guy can't get it up, should you move on, or give him a chance? Is this sort of age difference inherently immoral because... On the Magnum, a deep dive into trans world with Buck Angel (a.k.a.

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