Perv chatrooms

If you’re bored sitting at home doing nothing, you can try to meet someone new online, head out for a coffee with them and hopefully not get killed. But, the fact that you can indeed meet someone new online, is easily possible with certain free video chat services.

These services offer video chatting with strangers in open chat rooms, well, you can also IM them if you’re not very sure of showing your face.

A sign up is required to use the video chat service, without which it’s really useless.

Meet random people, invite them to your custom room and chat up.

Today, I’ll be listing 5 such free video chat services that can be found online, so you can get to work on starting a new friendship, relationship or hobby.

Some of them can be used for finding random people to talk to and some of them can be used for private video chatting.

Experts, analysts and rivals have questioned its decision and said it could be motivated as much by money as morals.

Tiny Chat let’s you randomly chat with people, join chat rooms etc.

But, if you’re a registered user or have recently signed up, then you can make use of some other nice features too.

You can even create your own private chat room and some friends.

If you are looking for a decent desktop based solution, you can try Skype, which is free and offers group video chat too.

One thing to remember when checking out any of these services, is that some of these websites show adult content.

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