Opensolaris ips selective updating

In order for this to work properly, the resolvers on the bastion hosts will need to be configured to point to the internal name servers for DNS resolution.

Queries for internal hostnames will be answered by the internal servers, and queries for external hostnames will be forwarded back out to the DNS servers on the bastion hosts.

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This file is automatically created by the server when the first dynamic update takes place.In order for all this to work properly, internal clients will need to be configured to query Here is an example configuration for the setup we just described above.Note that this is only configuration information; for information on how to configure your zone files, see the section called “Sample Configurations”.Another common reason for setting up a Split DNS system is to allow internal networks that are behind filters or in RFC 1918 space (reserved IP space, as documented in RFC 1918) to resolve DNS on the Internet.Split DNS can also be used to allow mail from outside back in to the internal network.

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