Online dating for well educated

"Here's a little-known fact: One out of every two people is a guy!

" says an exasperated 32-year-old Newark, New Jersey, panelist for, a Web site that aims to bridge the communication gulf between the sexes. Acting classes are filled with gorgeous nymphets and men who make great shopping buddies.

Better yet, join a softball league -- you're sure to find a wide array of physically fit boys of summer. You'll find them right up on stage: clusters of men, pouring their hearts out, trying to impress you. Tortured artists are dazzling on stage, but can be a drag in real life. "Strike up a conversation around your mutual business interests, then ask 'How did you get to where you are today?

On the other hand, a nice middle manager (during the day) indulging in some innocent rock-star fantasies (by night) could be just the ticket. ' You'll learn about his path of life so far, including education and goals," says Nina Atwood, author of Be Your Own Dating Service: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding and Maintaining Healthy Relationships (Henry Holt, 1996).

He proceeded to give me a lecture as to why I shouldn’t automatically dismiss dating the two guys who were responsible for service washes in the launderette as they may be perfectly nice people and that career women in their thirties get what they deserve if they don’t. My sister who is single hated the idea of walking down that aisle alone.

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I’ve seemingly only met men who are handsome, much younger,employed(mediocre income) but whose conversation is nothing but sexual.This will seem a bit brutal, but your days of requiring that a guy be professional, educated and financially stable are behind you. It’s totally acceptable and understandable that those things would be important to you. If you want to meet a specific type of guy, say well educated, then you need to join specialty groups and organizations that cater to such a crowd. If you want the higher end guy, you’ll have to pay for it. Just know that there will be some stiff competition for the attention and affection of those men. Hold out for the guy who meets all of your qualifications. Date a man with those qualifications without commitment. My father had bought her a condo “because he wanted her taken care of.” That’s where she lives.But the men in our age bracket who are well educated and financially secure either aren’t looking to commit or are dating younger because they prefer to and because they can. The problem isn’t that you don’t know where to meet them. I’m pretty sure she hates the idea of growing old alone.Evan Marc Katz had a post that touched on one woman’s similar concern.I was at a speed dating event last night for the second time.

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