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Miles of ice sheets in the Antarctic are collapsing into the sea in a trend that scientists fear may indicate the early stage of an unstoppable disintegration.

The collapse of the most vulnerable parts of the ice sheet would cause the rising of the sea level, threatening some of the world's biggest coastal cities such as Miami, New York, Mumbai and Shanghai.

But so far, the scientists do not know what could happen to the ice sheet and at what rate.

Part of the research is also to measure the role of climate change in weakening the ice sheet and how the warming of the surrounding seas could damage Antarctica.

While the melting of the ice cap is widely known, scientists are trying to gather information about the rate at which it is occurring.

reports scientists still lack information over the future trajectory of the climate in Antarctica.

Since 1950, temperatures in the Antarctic Peninsula have risen by about half a degree Celsius each decade, which is much faster than the global average.

With the ocean getting warmer and speeding up the ice flow, American and British scientific agencies are now working together to get a better understanding of the rate of the collapse in the most vulnerable areas.

Some volcanic events that were sufficiently powerful to send material around the globe have left a signature in many different cores that can be used to synchronise their time scales.Soviet ice drilling projects in Antarctica include decades of work at Vostok Station, with the deepest core reaching 3769 m.Numerous other deep cores in the Antarctic have been completed over the years, including the West Antarctic Ice Sheet project, and cores managed by the British Antarctic Survey and the International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition.Antarctica has not finished to surprise scientists.In the latest study, scientists found the frozen continent is turning green as rising temperatures have led to a dramatic growth of moss.

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