Multiple users updating one excel spreadsheet

If everyone collaborating on a workbook uses Excel Online, they can work on it together, with all changes displayed in real-time.

Excel 2013 is best if you want to specify what can and can't be edited.

You can see who did what, and you can revert a page back to a previous version if necessary.

If you or other people have One Note 2010 or later, you can work in the One Note desktop and mobile applications while other people are working on the same notebook in One Note Online.

Excel Online has basic sharing options, while Excel 2013 allows you to customize editing permissions within a workbook, a worksheet or even whether individual cells can be edited or not.

Before trying to share an Excel file with others, first save it to One Drive, Microsoft's free cloud storage service.

With Office Online it’s easy to work with others because you can send links to documents instead of sending file attachments.

That saves on e-mail storage and prevents you from having to reconcile multiple versions of the same document.

For people who should be able to view the document but not edit it, create a View Link, and send it to them.

To send a link, click Share at the top of the Office Online program window, either while you’re viewing: Or editing your document: When your friends click the link you send, the document opens in their browser.

To edit, they click the command for editing in the Office Online program (If you send an email link, they’ll need to sign in first).

You can share the notebook in One Drive, just like Excel, Word, and Power Point documents, but you can also share the notebook in One Note 2010 or later.

With Microsoft Excel 2013 and Excel Online, the person who creates a spreadsheet can share it for collaboration.

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