Mandating an

This is something that Google has been taking seriously lately so it makes sense that they would want to start mandating this.

When we take a look at, we can see that version 3.18 of the Linux kernel is EOL.

Google has been offering Android as a mobile operating system for close to a decade.

This summer, Oregon became the first state to do this, the Journal said, and eight more, including California and Illinois, are expected to follow soon.

But there is a hitch: These attempts are likely to be challenged in court for allegedly violating federal pension laws.

He enjoined the state from punishing local officials, infringing on their right to free speech and forcing them to detain immigrants for federal immigration officials, an act that is currently voluntary.

And he wrote that cities and towns had provided “overwhelming” and “ample” evidence that cooperating with immigration officials will “erode public trust and make many communities and neighborhoods less safe” as well as harm the state economically.

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