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They do awesome dinner shows featuring Shania Twin, Elvis etc.Lotsof_luv and I are planning a get together there in Febraury.The salad bar is mediocre and the steak is unpredictable and of poor quality. Your dollar is FAR BETTER spent at either The Keg (always excellent and exactly what you expected) and Martini's or The Charcoal Steak House both of which are on the same premises.Please note that you cannot register with Christian without accepting this agreement. The Christian service (hereinafter "TCC") is a way for single adults (never married/divorced/widowed) to meet other single adults (never married/divorced/widowed) online.

Deck is right over the water and is a great spot to sit and watch sun go down.

The Boathouse in Kitchener (just west of the bus terminal through the park) is a pretty surprising venue as well.

They're a big support of indie bands and musicians.

Pinky For those of you that like chinese, theres a newer chinese place on Fischer hallman and ottawa in the little plaza with tim hortons called the Lantern.

Its not a really flashy or overly traditional chinese restaurant, but the food is great and the service is pretty good aswell. It MAY be a meat market if you go there on the BAR NIGHTS! (I's lost)Tiptoes out of the room with tail somewhere in between his knees I might be headed to Kitchener tomorrow to check out a dance performance.

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