Internet dating danger statistics single parent dating college alaska

A survey by the Santa Clara, CA Sheriff's office reports solicitation of sex online is growing at the rate of 1,000 percent each month!

This is another reason it is important individuals do not make their whereabouts and contact information public.

Often, teenagers and sometimes even adults are Facebook friends and have conversations online with individuals they have never met in person.

Teenagers are trusting - often willing to meet with strangers.

It is important to never respond to threatening or obscure messages and to always remain diligent and to report any abuse, whether suspected or proven.

Children are victims of identity theft more often than is known.

A staggering 17 percent have all of their information, including contact information and whereabouts, public.

Research indicates one in seven teenagers have taken a nude or semi-nude photograph of themselves, and over half of those photographs taken have been shared with another person via the internet.

All cell phone users need to be aware that a cell phone's GPS can provide others with the user's exact physical location.

It is important to note once something crosses the internet, there is no way to remove it.

There are several anonymous conversational apps and sites where individuals can ask questions or post information to others.

These anonymous apps, which include Whisper, Yik Yak, and Ask. Hiding behind a computer screen, anonymous bullies can easily taunt, tease, and put down others.

Believe it or not, adults, especially senior citizens, are suspectible to cyber bullying, just as are children and teenagers.

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