Internet dating cancer survivors

First I visited forums where cancer patients and their significant others discussed the challenges of dating after cancer.

As it turns out, men and women both struggle with identifying the best time to tell a new love interest about their cancer history.

In my defense, he had asked me why I was still single if I’ve lived in this area my entire life.

He asked this in a teasing way, but when I read it, my heart sank.

Whenever someone brought up the topic of dating after cancer in my young adult support group, I admit that I only half listened. “I’m not shy about sharing my cancer experience.” Here I am now, older, wiser and a little bit lost.

Since my group doesn’t meet for several more weeks, I delved into the world of on-line cancer support.

I, for one, am fully aware that I fall under the category of a “tell-all personality”, and I choose to embrace the thinking that “there will always be a risk of rejection, just as in any relationship between two individuals.

But if a new relationship is strong enough to overcome such a difficult emotional hurdle as cancer, think how strong it will be when faced with so many other life challenges that lie ahead.

Talk to someone who’s “been there.” Fill out the information below to get started.

Penny suffered from inflammatory breast cancer and had to undergo a radical mastectomy. 'Another oft quoted myth is that a reconstruction is just like a boob job - but it isn't,' she says.

For women like Penny, having a reconstruction would involve a series of operations In her blog Penny concludes: 'And so it seems that I am forever destined to bring cancer into the conversation at the earliest opportunity to avoid potential pre-coital alarm and erectile dysfunction.

What if that person cannot even have children as a result of cancer treatment? No one has the luxury (or the woe, depending on how you look at it) of knowing how long they will live.

Perhaps adoption is an option for them, but it is not a necessity for you. I absolutely do not blame anyone for not wanting to date a cancer survivor. Cancer patients, however, know how it feels to face the possibility of death, and many patients emerge from treatment with a new outlook.

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