Hookup webcams

These don’t require you connect the camera to a computer or any other device — you just need the camera and an Internet connection.

Google’s Nest Cam works this way — Nest actually purchased Dropcam, which pioneered this.

After all, it has a camera, Wi-Fi, and a built-in computer — everything it needs to capture, stream, and record video.

We’ve previously covered how to turn on old Android phone into a network security camera.

Much of this is software you’ll need to pay for, but you’re still saving money overall.

Plug it in, link it to an account, and then you can access it from the web or a smartphone as well as setting up automatic recording.

Keeping those recordings will cost you at least a month, though.

Rather than get a full IP camera, you could potentially just get a webcam and connect it via USB to a computer running the appropriate recording software.

You may even have a spare webcam you can use for this.

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