This was perhaps the first time we’ve ever seen Liz quite so vulnerable and so hesitant to do what was required of her- and be so upset and devastated by the consequences.After an episode in which we saw Liz at arguably her harshest, as she laid mercilessly into poor Paige for her own actions, it was quite a turnaround to see her be both so calculated and so exposed, emotion-wise, in a decidedly different way than in the last episode.On the latest episode of “The Americans,” it was time for the Jennings’ family to stop messing around and get their head back in the game; while everyone concerned got a taste of what might be to come, if the world didn’t pay its cards right, figuratively and literally, in “The Day After.” The title referred to a TV-movie that was apparently the most-watched of its kind in history- over 100 million people watched it at the time, making it truly appointment television before there really was such a thing.(If only “The Americans” itself could boast such numbers!So, in short, all of this happened, and it really was a big deal at the time, though the latter information didn’t come out publically until the 90’s.As such, the latter didn’t have near as much impact as the former, at least to the public, but to be sure, there was a ripple effect as a direct result of the TV-movie and the would-be attack.If that happens, it seems to me Liz would have done all this for nothing, as it wouldn’t get her any closer to her goal of getting clearance in the aforementioned lab, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough.What’s more, the sadder thing is that it’s obvious that Liz genuinely liked Young, and why wouldn’t she?

Beyond that, we got a few juicy tidbits of information: as I suspected, love was in the air for Oleg and Tatiana- or was it?The TV-movie apparently put the fear of God into a lot of people, and perhaps might have even played a part in ending the Cold War and certainly did play one in lessening the threat of nuclear attack.Further, the thwarted nuclear attack that Oleg refers to actually did happen, in September of 1983, making it current on the show, which takes place on and around November 20th, 1983, when the movie aired.We began with the initial test run, as Phil let Paige take out the family’s more expendable vehicle for a test run, before he finally relented and let her take his beloved Camaro out for one at the end.The latter event was much more loaded with meaning, however, as Phil’s real reason for doing so had more to do with placating Paige’s ongoing misery with having to keep up appearances with Pastor Tim, who himself wasn’t buying it, noting at a send-off for his latest relief mission to Ethiopia that Paige seemed sad and troubled.

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