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While the classical archeological sites and museums continue to be all-time favorites, the marinas of Alimos and Flisvos, the thermal springs of the country as well as the modern Mediterranean culture of Greece has garnered much attention in recent times, especially with conference tourism being promoted by the government in a big way.So if you happen to find yourself in this Mediterranean paradise, don’t hesitate to explore all its attractions.This balance is what makes Greece not only a great place to visit but also to live and socialize.

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Apart from Athens, several Greek cities like Thessaloniki, Santorini and Mykonos have become popular with visitors as much for their classical heritage as for their vibrant contemporary cultural life.

In Thessaloniki, the most expensive places to live are the Plateia Aristotelous which is a vibrant square near the sea, the fashionable neighborhood of Kalamaria in the eastern part of the city as well as Tsimiski Street, which runs across the center and where the most fashionable and expensive of Greek and other European brands in clothing, jewelry and shoes are retailed.

After she spent much of her childhood battling against the Greek stereotype that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, author Ekaterina Botziou* shares her wisdom on how to keep your Greek man happy in the following opinion piece.

And while not everybody is a Jacqueline Kennedy to be able to catch the eye of Onassis, you can surely explore the possibility of getting to know the singles in the shipping business.

If possible, attend the business conventions and trade conferences related to the shipping industry so as to be able to rub shoulders with the wealthy owners of shipping companies, cargo vessels or luxury cruise liners.

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