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It’s certainly a point of difference with some of our European neighbours, where boobs on telly are famously used to sell virtually any product you can think of, morning, noon and night.But the single most remarkable thing about Babestation’s continued success is that it has flourished during a decade where the availability of hardcore porn has rocketed, accessible today on laptop, smartphone, tablet or any number of other internet-connected devices. You Tube-style porn sites like Red Tube, You Porn and the rest offer a constantly updating compendium of hardcore, for free.The producers discuss which girls are fielding the most calls, and how they might persuade the 95 per cent of the men who, at any one time, are watching but not dialling their phone. (Furthermore no girl can thrust her crotch at the camera “for more than five unbroken seconds”.) But Babestation has come up with a novel way to circumnavigate this.In this regard, it may be considered something of an innovator in a field it now finds stuffed with imitators: Red Hot Amateur, Red Hot Mums, Red Hot 18s, Cheeky Chat, Dirty Tube, Blue Kiss TV, Essex Babes, Girl Girl, Filth and any number of other adult channels nestled in the higher numbers of your Freeview or Sky Box.According to Babestation, the viewer is often married, and is perhaps seeking something on the sexual menu that isn’t offered on the prix fixe at home.Or too shy or embarrassed to ask their partners for it in the first place.“They see these girls on TV and in some instances have had phone sex with them.The idea of then having a private photo, a memento, is a thrill.” After 20 minutes, the producers are done with their meeting and they drift down to the lower floors, where three channels (Babestation, Babestation Xtra and Babestation Blue — indistinguishable, content-wise) are being filmed.

The pay-per-view porn movie business has been wiped out by the compilation clips sites. The adult business has come to realise that for all the high-budget sex scenes you can shoot on 35mm film with big-name porn stars involved in superhuman acts, what punters actually enjoy watching most are “amateur” couples — those who look like they’re having sex for fun, not money.Anyone after a pants-off shot of a particular girl is invited to text a number, and a more revealing photo will be sent to their phone by SMS. Last night, Babestation sent more than 2,000 of these photos.“It’s that intimate connection,” one of the producers tells me.Babestation has gone from indiscussible to part of the broader cultural conversation, a way for men outside pubs and inside offices to rib each other over late-night viewing habits.“I’ve recently invented a show called Show Us Your Bum for Ten Pence,” the TV critic Charlie Brooker wrote in a Babestation review.

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