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Almost as soon as the second lifeboat was adrift, the Jalamorari sank.

Sadly the chief engineer lapsed into unconsciousness and died shortly after being pulled from a lifeboat. Jamaica Producer Typical of the ships that would bring exotic produce from around the world was the Jamaica Producer.

Shown here being eased into Newport Docks by tug, she plied the transatlantic routes to bring bananas to South Wales for sale on the British market.

The ship ran from the early seventies from Jamaica to the UK with a mix of British and Jamaican crew.

At 1am when it came alongside the foundering Jalamorari, it found one lifeboat with 38 people aboard in huge waves and 60-knot winds.

While those survivors boarded their rescue ship, another lifeboat was lowered from the stricken freighter, this one with the remaining 23 crew members aboard.

The ‘paddlers’ were well-suited to cope with the huge tidal range of both the Usk and Severn Estuaries.

As the weight of the ship decreases, it is dragged further onto the beach until scrapping is completed.

Scrapping ships at Gadani uses large amounts of cheap, local labour with much of the work done by hand.

Glen Usk The Usk in Newport today is crossed by four bridges downstream from the town bridge.

When steamers last sailed into Newport, there was only the Transporter to contend with.

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