Dating muslim women uk

An online matrimonial service was launched in 2013 to supplement the existing events, and provide a safe and secure space for like-minded Muslims who are seeking marriage.for use at events, which operates on a similar principle to the Tinder app, allowing criteria-based searching for partners.

For religiously minded Muslims, both the shift to digitally-based communication directly between potential spouses and face-to-face meetings additionally, requires an ideological re-framing of what constitutes a Muslim Marriage Events was established 13 years ago as part of Islamic Circles, a community-based project in London that focused on organising weekly study groups addressing a range of topics related to Islam.People are encouraged to make note of anyone they are interested in speaking to further.The second part of the event focuses on facilitating one-to-one meetings between interested parties where they are free to exchange contact details if they choose to.We therefore cater for Muslims from Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Somali and Arab backgrounds, which make up the majority of Britain’s Muslim communities.Events are also held for those wishing or open to marrying Muslim reverts.

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