Dating more than one guy

They usually don’t talk about their other involvements but they don’t feel it necessary to stop them unless that person becomes a high priority and the offer of current exclusivity is necessary to keep her.

With more sexual freedom, women are slowly letting go of feeling like “used goods” if they have enjoyed physical relationships with several men.

If, on the other hand, after each relationship, a person is more cynical, more broken, more pessimistic, or more wary, they are not using those experiences to enhance their lives.

The glorious adventures that can come from the attitude of “Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” quickly become a series of “Nothing ventured, nothing lost” disasters.

They may share it with their women friends, but much more unlikely to do so with their male partners.

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They figure that the truth will emerge at some point and why not vet people earlier to see if they can handle what is real.

Being chosen as the best so far doesn’t seem to compensate for the weighty comparison, or the fear that there may be a better one lurking in the future.

The belief that men don’t really want to settle down until they’ve sampled enough potential sexual experiences is newly the realm of women as well.

The male energy of enjoyable conquests without need for commitment can enhance a woman’s attractiveness in the early stages of some relationships.

Sadly, I have heard too many stories from those naturally sexy women that they are not often selected to go to the next step of long-term commitment.

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