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He is attributed to be the creator, sustainer and destroyer of this universe by his devotees.

He is decorated with jewels and all forms of Hindu vedic deities as he is supreme god.

Guru Randhawa wiki wikipedia details|Patola song|Career|Album|Date of Birth|Biography|hometown ABOUT GURU RANDHAWA: Guru Randhawa is a sensation these days with his song Patola ft. Although guru started his career quite early at the age of 7 but he had good experience of singing at various venues in his home give his career a new height guru went to delhi to learn technical aspects of singing and takes his inspiration from Babbu maan, Bohemia and Bruno mars.

date of birth : 30 august, 1991 (Punjab) current location : Delhi CAREER : study : MBA from IIPM college, DELHI.

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Anyone who’s wanted to take a plunge into motivational speaking superstar Tony Robbins’ “life performance coaching” without surrendering a larger chunk of time or cash now have the option of watching “Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru,” which condenses one of his trademark seminars down to two-hour form.

Brent also appeared later in David De Angelo's seminars and interview series as "Brent".

This gave him the credibility and the recognition to build his own coaching business which he started in 2006.

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want Robbins to play guru, in the sense that they’re willing, even eager, to have him deliver blunt analyses of their underlying issues after just a few minutes’ highly public conversation, frequently dropping the F-bomb en route.

Sometimes this turbo-powered version of “Dear Abby” can seem misguided, as when he bullies a woman uncertain about a relationship into breaking up with her boyfriend by phone at that very moment.

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Brent Smith was originally one of the inspirations for David De Angelo's dating system and his e Book.

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