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The name "2channel" is allegedly a reference to how RF modulators, commonly used for connecting earlier-generation game consoles (such as Family Computer by Nintendo) to television sets, default to VHF channel 2 in Japan.Since 2channel's servers were located in the United States, the website enjoyed a greater degree of immunity to legal action from within Japan, in comparison to its predecessors.On occasion, 2channel has been accused of being reluctant to remove defamatory postings.

Though the site has a rule to delete illegal postings defined under Japanese law, the scale and anonymous nature of the site makes a prompt response difficult.Flat hour and minute hands: Good dating evidence, not much overlap, switch Q1-Q2 1970.17/21j 6139A caliber: Not dating evidence, complete overlap.For example, would become ttp:// One of the most distinctive features of 2ch is the complete freedom of anonymous posting.This is a large departure from most English language internet forums which require some form of registration, usually coupled with email verification for further identification of an individual.

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