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Disapproval also came from those who said she deserved it because when the attack occurred, she was out on a date with another man.Ms Retzlaff and her ex-husband had been divorced for two years, but still critics blasted her on social media because, “she should be at home looking after her children” and “not going out having sex with other men”.Join our growing singles community in American Samoa and Get Connected with free mail, forums, blogs, IM, and chat.Browse free American Samoa personal ads and photos. There are NO COSTS for any feature at Connecting Singles. JOIN American Samoa Dating NOW and contact American Samoa singles for FREE!A couple of examples that stand out for me – as summed up by social media… Many Samoans there fell over themselves in their eager haste to condemn Ms Blakely for a. Not being sorry enough or repentant enough when her date shared it on social media The disgust and antagonism for Ms Blakely as a Samoan woman who appeared confident and unashamed about her sexuality and her choices in the bedroom (or in the car), did not seem to extend to the Tongan man who had been a co-participant.Even when it was apparent the man had violated her trust by sharing the tape.Back when I was a teacher at a high school here in Samoa, I attended a workshop for English teachers at which they gave out a list of texts recommended for studying with senior students.

I know that when Albert Wendt’s first books came out, they were banned in a few places.People slammed her for being a poor example of a tama’ita’i Samoa, for bringing shame on the Samoan community, and for being that most lethal of Samoan designations, a pa’umuku, a slut.They said she should have been at home with her son, being a ‘good mother.’ A few said quite blatantly, “She should just die.” The degree of viciousness and hate was disturbing.(Never mind that the attack happened in a public place, outside a restaurant and nobody was having sex of any kind.) The dynamics of domestic violence aside, I took particular note of those who criticized Ms Retzlaff for what they viewed as her sexually promiscuous behaviour.People cited her dating, as a divorced woman with children – as evidence that she “deserved” to get beaten up by her ex-husband.

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