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There wasn’t a shortage of eligible bachelors or bachelorettes in the city at the time, it was just that all the young, working professionals didn’t have the time to date.

We thought that this was an interesting problem, and we were surprised that there weren’t many products on the market to help solve it.

Tell us what inspired you and your sisters to create Coffee Meets Bagel?

No more pretending that you would also love to have ‘beers with the lads’. Created by Singaporean Violet Lim, Lunch Click is unique to users based in South East Asia.We thought that it was a good opportunity to set up a cool new dating site, that women could get excited about feel comfortable using.Is there a story behind the name “Coffee Meets Bagel?The name Coffee Meets Bagel is just really fun and lighthearted! First and foremost, it is easy for people to manipulate the way their profile looks on a dating site, but Coffee Meets Bagel uses Facebook to ensure that all of our member’s profiles are honest.Yes, people can still exaggerate their life on Facebook, but they are less likely to outright lie about themselves on it because they are still accountable to all of their other Facebook friends.

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