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And now we have proof he was actively looking for romance right before joining Season 12, too!It’s all thanks to a viewer who sent Reality Steve Chad’s old profile last week, which he reportedly kept active until the moment he left for Jo Jo’s season.Still, what we can tell you with certainty is that he’s loving life and stirring up controversy as long as he can keep himself in the spotlight.As for Hayes and how this twist might impact his chances?2 balloons, her boyfriend failed to share a tribute or a shoutout to her.

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While The Bachelorette spoilers tell us the winner every season, there are always some entertaining side plots nobody sees coming. Johnson, who recently returned home to Oklahoma after filming , has been trolling HARD.

“She asked me, through my business email, how to get in shape and I was like, ‘You don’t want to get in shape,’” he laughed as he reminisced about calling her bluff.

Chad said that he took Zoe out to have a fancy seafood restaurant where they had drinks and linguine.

In fact, it sounds like he might have created his own version of a religion, writing, “[I] have found my own set of beliefs based on years or[sic] studying on the side and putting the pieces together.” Say what?! His career ambitions are as large as those around his faith, as he wants to be “completely financially set by age 30” — just a few years from now, and live out his days on the beach in Florida. The 27-year-old’s cocky on-screen persona seems to ring true to real life, as his description of the woman he’s interested in is as follows: “Unfortunately I do only date fit, beautiful women so if that isn’t you we can be friends (if you are crazy awesome or something) but there won’t be any dating.” .

That, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg with this thing.

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