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The charivari was traditionally a status symbol as it is a way of showing your prowess as a hunter and your importance and wealth.

Whereas years ago this would have let potential suitors know that a woman was looking for a husband, nowadays it's probably just a sign that she wouldn't be opposed to a chat.

Back before the days of dating apps and social media profiles, people had to find other ways of navigating the world of relationships, and the clothes traditionally worn at Oktoberfest were one of them.

For women, what it comes down to is the position of the bow on your dirndl apron, as this says a lot about your relationship status.

Bow in the Middle It would be logical to assume that an apron tied in the middle means 'undecided' - the Bavarian equivalent of putting 'it's complicated' as your relationship status. Traditionally a bow in the middle is a sign that the wearer is a virgin and is usually reserved for the younger Mädchen.

This means that year-on-year unsuspecting tourists, often in fancy dress style dirndls, tie their aprons in the middle, only to wonder why they are being viewed with so many raised eyebrows.

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    Previously, from 2002 until 2017, registered partnerships (Finnish: The Act on Registered Partnerships went into effect on 1 March 2002.

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