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Our desire to be a member of the then-Common Market in the 1970s was because Western Europe was a huge trade block and we wanted to be inside the trade wall, to be protected from global competition.The EU’s traditionally protectionist policies were useful to us in the short term, when we were known as the “sick man of Europe”, but meant that we let our longstanding relationships with countries in East Asia, Africa and the Indian sub-continent whither.For nearly 30 years, Professor David Mullins, University of Birmingham, has conducted research on a range of topics relating to social housing.He has coauthored a number of books, including Housing Policy in the UK (2006), After Council Housing (2010),…Access is only open for members and associates of EFL.Each entry will be checked and allowed by the administrator. During the upcoming EFL Conference in Ghent (Belgium), one of the speakers is Chiara Rizzica.She is a Ph D architect, Project Manager and International Partnerships coordinator at Fondazione Housing Sociale.

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Tariffs barriers and non-tariff barriers subjects that only sparked the interest of a few nerds who went on about trade policy.

Host of this conference is the Belgium housing association Volkshaard. The Austrian Institute for Real Estate, Construction and Housing ltd (I IBW: Institut für Immobilien, Bauen und Wohnen) joined EFL as our latest research institute. Since many European cities experienced the arrival of refugees and migrants, many housing companies are dealing with the…

EFL is a unique network in Europe which combines the expertise and core activities of (social) housing organizations, companies in the chain of housing development and academic institutes.

Opposition MPs have cried foul, saying that the Bill lets ministers create laws without votes in Parliament.

I find it strange how few of those MPs complained when the same process was used to enact European laws and regulations Are you worried about Henry VIII powers? Is secondary legislation now the number one talking point at the school gate? These obscure parliamentary terms are increasingly being discussed and debated by people who don’t spend their working lives in the gently crumbling beauty that is the Palace of Westminster.

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