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The man would run strong risk of being lynched judicially or by mob. I lived in Virginia, she in DC, and it would've been worth a beating for me and worse for her if we had been observed being engaged in any PDA, even hand-holding, on the Virginia side of the line. Our parents, who were best friends, were totally cool with it.

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His younger brother showed off his Western knowledge by demonstrating how to swing a baseball bat and singing a rockabilly song.Notes written by Dominis and someone who appears to be an assistant that accompanied the dozens of rolls of film he shot provide insight into the song and dance (sometimes literal) in which the young lovers engaged.Some met by chance, others in settings tailor-made for matchmaking.In his photographs—which never ran in LIFE—Dominis captured a moment when the new had caught on, but the old had not yet been forgotten.The young couples he photographed in 1959 were living on the edge of modernity, but still holding onto many of the the traditions long followed by their culture.

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